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Sri Kuantan Cover
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About Us

Watershoppe Kuantan deals with good quality pool chlorine such as Sun-Chlon 70% granular 40kg, Clear Aqua 90% TCCA) 50kg and Neo-Chlor (TCCA) Tablets. Also available 90% 5kg packages. Relax and enjoy. Life is in your own hand. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Limited space can also provide a little pool to leave behind all the day’s pressure. Relax! Relax! Relax!

For people who are too busy to look after their pools. Chlorinator system keeps pools clean and easy to maintain.

International standard anti wave lane ropes.

Anyone with enough space in the compound can own his/her own swimming pool. With proper filtration system, maintenance and expenses are negligible.

Attractive adjustable durable swimming pool overflow drain cover grating (light blue or white) of 8″ and 12″.

Also available Hayward jacuzzi jets, wall inlets, floor inlets and a wide range of swimming pool chemicals, apparatus and equipment.

Waterco vacuum pump on rust free trolly c/w rain proof switch, 80ft cable and pvc fittings. Ready for use immediately.

Specialist In

➥ Design and build
➥ Swimming pools and filtration system
➥ Pool maintenance, repair and refurbishing
➥ Pool equipment & accessories
➥ Pool chemicals

➥ Pool deck furniture
➥ Adjustable pool drain cover grating 8″ & 12″ (white / blue)
➥ Household filtration system
➥ Under water pool lights



  • 8″ ABS pool drain cover flexible gratings (light blue or white)
    10″ ABS pool drain cover flexible gratings (white)
  • 12″ ABS pool drain cover flexible gratings (white)